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Summer Show 2018

The 2018 Summer Show will take place on Saturday, 4th August at the Village Hall.  Watch this page for regular updates. 

July 2018  

Delighted to confirm that our Class Sponsors for the 2018 Summer Show are the following companies: 


Thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the Show benches!

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May 2018 

Our May meeting included practice sessions of how to put together a Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers (class 39), a Vase of Mixed Herbs (class 20) and a Rose, specimen bloom (class 32).  Additionally, Rod Cox gave a demo of class 28, a collection, 5 a Day in a Seed Tray, with finally a demonstration of how to trim rhubarb for Show. 

April 2018 

  • The THA 2018 Summer Show Schedule was distributed at the THA Talk on Thursday, April 26th and printed copies are now in both Trading Sheds.  
  • You can view and download here: 
  • Don't forget, if you need any help or clarification, use the Contact Us page to get in touch, or email the Show Secretary on show.tilehurstha@gmail.com.  Please don't be afraid to ask if you're not sure! 
  • The RHS publication, The Horticultural Show Handbook, is a great source of information and there is also plenty of guidance online.
  • Our Show Bulletin this month was a demonstration of exhibits from the Cookery classes in this year's Schedule - the Clementine & Almond Cake, the Victoria Sandwich, the Treacle Tart and some very spicy Sausage Rolls.

So, it's time to have a look at the schedule and get growing! And if you're on Facebook or Twitter, we'd love to see your updates, using our hashtag - 

March 2018 

  • The Show Bulletin at our March Talk will take the form of a mini photo competition.  Members are asked to take a close up photo of a flower or plant, indoor or outside, and bring the photo along to be judged.  No prizes, just for fun & practice for the photography classes at our Summer Show.  The March Talk is on Thursday, 29th March at 7.45 p.m. in the Village Hall when Lou Nicholls will speak on Heritage Vegetables. 

February 2018 

  • At the AGM on 8th February, our Show Secretary announced that AM Property Management will support the Show as main Show Sponsor for 2018.  We have a long association with AMPM, who have taken out sponsorship in our Show schedule in previous years and Managing Director Angie Cox, is a current THA Committee Member.  We are looking for volunteers to host AMPM estate agent boards in their garden in the summer to advertise our Show.  If you think you have the ideal Tilehurst spot for maximum publicity and would be willing to help, please contact our Show Secretary, Claire O'Brien by email on show.tilehurstha@gmail.com.  Thanks to AMPM, www.ampropertymanagement.co.uk, for their support! 
  • We also very much appreciate the backing of other local businesses and there will be opportunities for them to sponsor individual classes on the Show tables on the day.
  • The Show Schedule will be available at the end of April 2018 to give members plenty of time to consider and prepare their entries.
  • We announced our Show hashtag - #Grow4THAShow  which we will be featuring during the run-up to the Show and, together with #Tilehurst, should increase our online prominence.  On the day, visitors will be encouraged to post their photographs on social media using our hashtag #Grow4THAShow
  • Our Special class for 2018 was also announced and members had the opportunity to purchase a "Potato in a Pot" to take away and enter the class on Show day, when the pots will be emptied out, potato harvest weighed, and the winner will be the person who has grown the highest total weight of potatoes! 

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